Easy Way to Deep Clean Shower and Bathtub

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It gets used almost every day of the year. It gives you those moments when you do your best thinking and it allows you to sing at the top of your lungs – never telling anyone you couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

It’s your shower and your bathtub. It gets used, abused, and dirty. It deserves a clean shine and a deep scrub.

Today, we are going to Deep Clean the Shower and Bathtub.



• Grout Brush

• Glass Cleaner

• Microfiber cloth

• Dish Sponge or Scouring Pad

• Soap Scum Remover


HINT: I’ve found it easiest to clean the shower when I’m already in there. It simplifies the clean, rinse, and repeat process. I gather a few supplies (mentioned above), spray my cleaner of choice, wait a few minutes, jump in and start cleaning. Then shower as usual!

However, if you are cleaning the bathtub or just don’t need a shower right now, set your timer and get to work!


The type of shower/bathtub you are cleaning (fiberglass, porcelain, etc.) will determine whether or not you can use a semi-abrasive cleaner. However, I’ve found that cleaners specifically made for removing soap scum can clean the majority of all types of bathtubs and showers.

If that’s the route you choose, take the following steps to clean your shower and/or bathtub:

• Spray the shower cleaner on the shower and tub surfaces.

• Wait several minutes according to the instructions.

• Scrub grout lines and crevices with a grout brush.

• Use a dish sponge or a scouring pad to clean flat surfaces.

• Rinse surfaces using the showerhead or a cup filled with water for areas the sprayer can’t reach.

• Dry completely with a microfiber cloth.

• If you have glass shower doors, clean them with glass cleaner for a great shine!

Give fixtures and glass shower doors an extra shine by using a glass cleaner and a cleaning cloth to dry it off.


Want to extend the sparkle and shine of your clean shower and hard work? Here are a few suggestions to lengthen the time between cleanings:

• Be consistent when it comes to cleaning your shower and tub. Be it twice a month or every Tuesday, pick a day and STICK WITH IT. Keep in mind that the more often you clean it, the less time it will take.

• Squeegee excess water off the walls after every use. This might seem like extra work, but it will reduce soap scum build-up and cuts future cleaning time tremendously.

• Keep a spray bottle of vinegar in your bathroom to spray on the shower walls after every use.

• Completely dry shower walls as often as possible. If you’re putting a bath towel in the dirty clothes basket, use it to wipe down the walls first.

Your assignment for today:

• Set your timer and deep clean that shower!

• Continue working on Habit #1.

• Do you have other bathrooms that need your skills?