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Environmental Impact LLC has been a Home Cleaning Consultant and an Authorized Rainbow Distributor in Western Pennsylvania for 43 years. The counties of our area of prime responsibilities in Pennsylvania include Allegheny, Beaver, Washington, Westmoreland, Fayette, Greene: in West Virginia: Brooke, Hancock, Ohio, in Ohio: Belmont, Harrison, and Jefferson. (Please any interest in the Rainbow Cleaning System outside of this area, contact: Rexair, LLC, 248-643-7222.

Our old-fashioned approach to one-on-one relationships has consistently been the anchor for our long-term development.

The Rainbow Cleaning System is closing in on eighty-four years of dependability and reliability as the foremost, complete home-care system ever produced.

Locally, we are proud of our sales associates that educate and support time-proven cleaning principles that protect your most important asset, your home. Our service technicians are thoroughly trained and educated to provide, excellent service and to promote long-term care for product longevity.