Cleaning Habit #4

Cleaning Habit #4: 5 Minute Pick Up
If you’ve been spring cleaning with us since the beginning of the year, then you’ve already implemented some great habits:
1. Cleaning Habit #1: Tackle your problem area.
2. Cleaning Habit #2: Clean your kitchen every night.
Cleaning Habit #3: Let it go and streamline your life.
Now that we’re starting a new month, it’s time to start a new habit!
The 5 Minute Pick Up
The five-minute pick-up is a great habit to get into any time of the year. But when you’re Spring Cleaning, it’s especially helpful. After scrubbing your house top-to-bottom, you certainly don’t want piles of clutter to hide your clean house.
The guidelines for the 5-minute pick-up are fairly simple. Spend 5 minutes picking up and clearing out what doesn’t belong in each room, two or three times each day. 
I would encourage you to do this after breakfast and before you go to bed every night. If you’re home all day, then you might want to add another pick-up session mid-day. Keep in mind that the time of day you pick up isn’t really a big deal, but you’ll probably find that having set times help with consistency.
Of course, if you have kids at home, get them involved! It is such a great way to teach them to handle small responsibilities around the house and this is a fabulous habit for them to start with while they’re young. Teaching children to pick up their mess is almost certain to make your life easier in the long run.
Your assignment for today:
· Continue working on Habit #1, Habit #2, & Habit #3.
· Take 5 minutes right now to pick up!
· Start working on Habit #4
Continue working on your Rainbow calendar.

posted on Wednesday, April 1, 2021 at 8:56 AM