Declutter and Rainbow the Bedroom

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It appears many of you have chosen the bedroom as your problem area. To help make progress more quickly, we’re going to Rainbow the bedroom this week!

1. Remove anything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom.

Cups, plates, toys, crafts, books, paperwork…. if it doesn’t help you sleep or get dressed, it probably doesn’t belong.

Grab an empty laundry basket and collect anything that isn’t bedroom-related.

Next, walk through the house distributing items to their proper location. If you have kids, put them to work (but make it fun!). Try giving each child an item and have them “race” to see who can put it up the quickest.

Some of you can probably check this off your list right away. Others of you may need days to clear the clutter. If you lean towards the latter, just keep chuggin’ along. It will be worth it!

2. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

I’m sure you never throw clothes on the floor! But on the slim chance that you have stray clothing items in your room, putting them in the hamper will make a big difference in the cleanliness of your room.

3. Hang and fold clean clothes.

Hopefully, you worked on your closet a bit this weekend and won’t need to spend much time on this.

4. Make up the bed.

It may seem crazy to make up your bed since you’re going to get right back in tonight. But something amazing happens when your bed is made up. There’s less visual clutter so your bedroom automatically appears cleaner. I think it even makes you more productive during the day. Of course, I have no research for that…just personal trial and error.

Making it work for you.

Remember that everyone participating has a different circumstance. The degree of Rainbow cleaning that needs to be completed varies from person to person. If a task seems overwhelming, just take a few minutes and start with the first step. Don’t worry about finishing the rest.

Your assignment for today:

Continue working on Habit #1.
Clean/Organize your bedroom.
Add this task to your Rainbow calendar.