The One Thing Leads to Extraordinary Results

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One thing. Each Day. All Year. I like breaking things down into small, bite-sized tasks. If I don’t, it won’t happen because I’ll get completely overwhelmed.

My brain is always full of to-dos and ideas and projects that I want to tackle.

But I have a hard time getting it all done. Figure out the steps to get to the finish line and work your way there…ONE step at a time.

Your task for today is still to organize your weekly calendar and to-do list.

Now on to our daily task…

Write down every single thing that you need to accomplish this week. Then schedule those things (but make sure they’re the RIGHT things) on your calendar. That way you’ll know WHEN you will accomplish those things on your to-do list.

It will be 5-15 minutes well spent!

Your assignment for today:

• Continue working on Habit #1.

• Schedule your to do list on your calendar.

• Consider tackling your problem area