Speed Clean (actually speed pick-up) Entire House

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Don’t worry, you won’t actually have to CLEAN the entire house today…just pick it up.
• Laundry basket or box
• Decluttering toolkit (website – Roz’s Reasons)
I know you don’t want to do this all day…set a timer for 5-10 minutes and move quickly!!
Look around your home. Do you see items in rooms they don’t belong? I sure do! Right now, there are papers on the kitchen counter, boxes in my office, shoes on the floor that belong in the coat closet, the Rainbow in the hallway, the list goes on and on…
If there are items out of place in your home (how could there NOT be), then let’s take care of that today!
Here’s what to do:

• Grab a laundry basket,
• Go to the cleanest room in the house and fill it up with anything that doesn’t belong.
• Take those items to the appropriate location.
• Then go to the next cleanest room and do the same thing.
• Repeat until you’ve tackled your messiest room.
A few notes:

I like to start with the cleanest rooms because it gives me a quick win. Cleaning the house doesn’t seem as overwhelming that way. Plus, I usually (finally) put away an item that’s been bugging me way too long. However, if you want to tackle another room first, go for it!

If your house is a disaster and you feel like everything is out of place, you may not have time to tackle the entire house. If that’s the case, tackle the most lived-in areas first.
If your messiest room is something like an office, guest bedroom, or closet and is covered top to bottom, don’t feel like you have to tackle that today. Just get a few quick wins under your belt and call it a successful day!

Your assignment for today:
• Pick up the entire house…or at least part of it!
• Continue working on Habit #2.
• Consider this if you’re in the mood to tackle your messiest room this week!