Simple Tips to Make Meal Planning Easy

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Your kitchen is spotlessly clean, systematically organized and precisely detailed. You actually enjoy being in here and…what’s that you say? You feel a little inspiration to cook something now? Let’s attack meal prep with the same focus and attention we’ve maintained through the deep cleaning and organizing.

• Paper/Pen/Computer…basically something to take notes
• Meal Planning Service


It’s the same principle as before – – choose how much time you want to dedicate to meal prep for today. Set your timer and start prepping!!!


When mealtime rolls around and we don’t have a plan or the required items, and thus, you CAN’T prepare for lack of planning.

Want to make dinner time stress-free?

Make a meal plan. Meal plans come in all shapes and sizes but so do our families, our budgets and our lifestyles. Some people like to write out every single bite they plan to put in their body during a given week. Others just keep ideas about what they want to cook in their head.

Whatever your meal-planning style, I encourage you to have at least one meal planning strategy. Here are a few options to make it easier:

Allow someone else to plan for you:

There are times in life when you just need someone else to plan your meals for you. Thankfully, there are companies like eMeals.

I personally like eMeals because they have special menu options.

The meal plan and instructions are perfect for buying all needed ingredients in one trip to the grocery. With all ingredients and recipes on hand, your only decision is “What shall I choose to cook today?” You already have everything you need right here in your clutter-free, the clean and organized kitchen!

Plan meals for yourself:

Write it down – old school. Set your timer! Give yourself an allotted amount of time every week to map out a plan for your meals. Use cookbooks, the internet, or even your own tried and true recipes. If you’re new to meal planning, you may want to start out with easy meals that use the slow cooker.

There are several ways to plan your meals. Just pick away and stick with it. You’ll save money because you’ll eat at home and use up the food you buy. Plus, it helps you stay on track if you’re trying to eat healthily.

Your assignment for today:
• Set your timer. Then plan your meals for at least one week.
• Continue working on your Habit #2.
• Consider adding this to your Rainbow calendar.