Rainbow Cleaning Kid’s Clothes

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I want to encourage you to go through your children’s clothes today.

First, get a box or basket for each child and put it in their room.

As you go through their dresser and closet, look for clothing that doesn’t fit, doesn’t go with anything, or that they just don’t like, and put those items in the box.

If the box is still fairly empty, leave it in the closet. Add to it immediately as they outgrow clothing items. (That’s the hard part for me. But having a dedicated spot to put those clothes sure does help.) Another benefit is that as the weather changes, you’ll have a place to put bulky winter clothes that they’ll never be able to wear again.

When the box is full, label and store for the next child in line, tag it for a consignment sale, price it for a yard sale, or take it to the nearest donation center.