Rainbow Clean the Bathroom Linen Closet

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If you don’t have a closet in or right beside your bathroom, then today is your lucky day! You can spend your time tackle your problem area or catching up on a previous task. If you do have a linen closet, then get excited, because that’s the focus for today!

Organizing Your Bathroom Linen Closet. Organizing the linen closet doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just break it down into baby steps:

1. Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the linen closet and take it immediately to the proper location.

2. Remove all other items so you can Rainbow dirt/dust off the shelves.

3. Put everything back in the closet tossing what you don’t need.

That’s it! Set your timer and get to work


Your assignment for today:

• Continue working on Habit #1.

• Rainbow clean the linen closet.

• Add this task to your Rainbow calendar.