Rainbow and Dust the Bedroom

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If you’ve been following along this week, your bedroom should be pretty neat and tidy right now. If not, don’t worry…Saturday is a catch-up day!

If you’re ready to move to the next step, grab your Rainbow, a microfiber cloth, all-purpose spray, glass cleaner, and/or wood polish.

First, let’s Rainbow the bedroom.

When you Rainbow…

• Pay attention to the corners. Use the crevice tool around the baseboards and edges of the carpet. Don’t worry too much about deep cleaning the baseboards since we’ll be focusing on those in a few weeks.

• With your upholstery attachment, gently run it across drapes and curtains to remove accumulated dust.

• Move furniture as you Rainbow the open floor. Don’t forget how easy it is to Rainbow under chairs, under your bed, and behind furniture.

Rainbow the ceiling with your floor /wall tool attachment. Okay, I know that sounds weird! But if you have your Rainbow hose out anyway, run it quickly around the corners of your ceiling and around light fixtures to remove dust or cobwebs that may have found a home up high.

Rainbow window frames. While I have my Rainbow out, I like to cover all the bases! So, give it a whirl around your windows. If it’s not too cold, open the windows for a second and Rainbow inside the track. It will make cleaning windows a little easier when we get to them!

Then dust the bedroom with your Rainbow Dusting Tool, clean glass and mirrors, and polish furniture.

• Use your duster or microfiber cloth to go over every inch of furniture you have. Don’t forget the drawer frames and shelving if you have it.

• Use an all-purpose spray to wipe down furniture, lamps, glass, mirrors, window sills, door knobs and light switch plates.

• Polish your wood furniture.

When you go to bed tonight, you’ll be sleeping a practically new room! Enjoy!

Your assignment for today:

• Continue working on Habit #1.

• Rainbow and dust your bedroom.

• Add this task to your Rainbow calendar.