Purge that Paper

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Do you have stacks of paper in your home? Scraps of notes in your purse? Old receipts that need to be filed?
Today, we are going to start the process of purging that extra paper!!

Purge that Paper
Set your timer for 5-15 minutes and do one (or all) of the following:
1. Trash junk mail.
2. Open bills, trash the envelopes, and send off payment.
3. Collect all of your random notes and compile them into one list. Trash the rest.
4. If you need to keep receipts, put them where they belong. If not, get rid of them.
5. File paper you need to keep.
6. Scan the paper you need to keep electronically and then get rid of the hard copy.
7. Go through your files and purge what you don’t need anymore.

I don’t know about you, but there is too much paper that comes into my house! I have to be very deliberate in how much I keep and how it gets organized.

For those who are interested, these are the products that keep me sane in the paper department:
1. FreedomFiler – This is my personal filing system. After years of trial and error, I think this is the absolute best filing system to get your paper files organized once and for all. Seriously.
2. Shoeboxed. Easy way to digitize and organized your receipts.
3. Neat Scanner.
If you have your own system to keep paper organized, here’s a virtual high-five. If you actually use your system, here’s a virtual double high-five!!

Your assignment for today:
• Continue working on Habit #3.
• Trash as much paper as possible.
• Keep working on your Rainbow calendar.