Organize Your Bedroom Dresser

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Have you made a dent in the cleanliness/organization of your bedroom? I sure hope so! Today we’re going to organize our bedroom dresser. It feels good to have an organized bedroom dresser!

Clean and organize your dresser drawers.

Today your task is to clean and organize your dresser drawers. Here are a few things to think about as you work:

Do you wear them? If not, throw out or give away.
Are the clothes in good shape? If not, throw out or give away.
Do you have too many of the same item? i.e. 20 t-shirts even though you only wear 8.
Is the item better suited for the closet? If so, hang it up.
Do you need some kind of organizer to keep small items together? Maybe something as simple as an empty shoebox could work.
Rainbow the empty drawer to remove the dust, lint, and any debris.

Don’t worry about making it look PERFECT on the inside. Just put things in the correct drawer, straighten what’s inside, and get rid of what doesn’t belong.

Getting dressed will be so much easier!

Your assignment for today:

Continue working on Habit #1.
Clean/Organize your bedroom dresser.
Add this task to your Rainbow calendar.