Kitchen: Get Prepared

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We are going to deep clean the kitchen this month. We are going to make this much used-room-of-the-house efficient and organized! We’ll deep clean appliances and organize the cabinets. But, most importantly, we are going to implement some habits to KEEP it that way!


The best thing we can do to clean efficiently and effectively is to prepare ahead of time! A little upfront work can save a ton of time in the future.

To begin, gather all of your cleaning tools and supplies.

Here is the list of products we will use:

 Decluttering toolkit ( Roz’s Reason’s on our website)

 Deep Clean Brush Kit

 Plastic bag (optional)

 Paper towel

 Vinegar

 All-purpose cleaner

 Gloves (optional)

 Oven cleaner (or Baking Soda & Vinegar)

 Cleaning cloth

 Nylon Pan scraper

 Bar Keepers Friend

 Dawn Platinum Power Clean

 Magic Eraser

 Commercial Degreaser (optional)

 Rainbow (optional)

 Knife Sharpener

 Microfiber Cloths

 Rainjet and Jetpad

 Organizing containers (optional)

This checklist has been designed to keep you on track and on schedule!


Commit to yourself that you will take action! Starting now.

Determine when you will clean your kitchen each day and schedule it on your calendar.

Do you want to tackle it after breakfast? Do you prefer it to be the last task of the day? This will definitely be a personal choice as to where it most efficiently fits into your daily schedule.

Here’s what we will tackle over the next few weeks:

Clean Your Kitchen

• Day 1 – Implement Good Habits

• Day 2 – Get Organized and Make a Plan

• Day 3 – Declutter and Streamline

• Day 4 – Deep Clean Dishwasher

• Day 5 – Deep Clean Oven

• Day 6 – Deep Clean Oven Glass Doors

• Day 7 – Deep Clean Stovetop

• Day 8 – Deep Clean Microwave Filter & Range Hood

• Day 9 – Deep Clean Microwave

• Day 10 – Deep Clean Refrigerator (including coils)

• Day 11 – Deep Clean Freezer

• Day 12 – Deep Clean Kitchen Trash Can

• Day 13 – Deep Clean Sink & Garbage Disposal

• Day 14 – Organize Kitchen with Purpose

• Day 15 – Declutter & Organize Pantry

• Day 16 – Declutter & Organize Under Sink

• Day 17 – Declutter & Organize Tableware Cabinet

• Day 18 – Declutter & Organize Drawers

• Day 19 – Declutter & Deep Clean Pots, Pans & Bakeware

• Day 20 – Declutter & Deep Clean Small Appliances

• Day 21 – Declutter Kitchen Gadgets

• Day 22 – Disinfect Cutting Boards & Sharpen Knives

• Day 23 – Deep Clean Cabinet Exterior

• Day 24 – Deep Clean and/or Paint Walls

• Day 25 – Deep Clean Floor

• Day 26 – Detail Kitchen

• Day 27 – Meal Plan

• Day 28 – Catch Up Day

• Day 29 – Catch Up Day

Cleaning your kitchen as you normally do is the best place to start this project.

 Do the dishes.

 Clear the counters and sink.

 Load and start the dishwasher if you have one.

 Hand wash anything that won’t fit.

Basically, go to bed with a clean kitchen. You know, implement our habit for the month. You’ll never regret waking up to a clean kitchen!

Tomorrow morning (or later today if you have time), unload the dishwasher so you can refill it as you go.

Make it a habit to clean your kitchen every night and unload the dishwasher/dish rack each morning. If you continue to clean your kitchen every night, it should only take a few minutes each night.

It’s going to be a productive and fun month getting your kitchen in top-notch order!

Your assignment for today:

 Set your timer. Clean your kitchen and get prepared for the month!

 Get ready to work on a Habit #2.

 Keep working your Rainbow calendar.