How to Clean the House Fast

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How to Clean the House Fast

Hi Friend!

Do you want to know a secret?

I don’t like to clean. In fact, I have to trick myself into cleaning my house. And when it’s time to clean up, I want it done FAST.

Now don’t tell anyone, but my house is actually pretty messy right now. So, instead of cleaning up, I decided to write a new blog post sharing my secret to clean up quickly.

Do you need to clean the house, but don’t feel like spending all day tidying up?

Are you so incredibly overwhelmed with the messiness of your house, that you don’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you just lack the motivation to clean your home…again?
Well, today I want to share a little trick I’ve learned that has motivation, a starting point, and speed cleaning technique all wrapped in one. Here’s a little trick to clean your house faster.

How to Clean the House Fast: Start with Easy!

1. Start in the cleanest room and repeat systematically.
If you entered my home through the front door, you would see the dining room on your left and the living room on your right. Except for the occasional toy or disheveled throw pillows, these rooms stay tidy most of the time.
When it’s time to clean the entire house, I always start in these two rooms.
A quick pick-up, dust, and vacuum are usually all it takes. In just three short minutes, I can have two spotless rooms in my house.
It’s a quick win!

2. Move to the next easiest area to clean.
Since the first two rooms I tackle are on the first floor, the next logical place to tidy up is the back entryway/hallway. Our drop zone is by the back door so there’s always something to be picked up and put in the proper place.
Next, I usually move to the downstairs half-bath.