Finish Operation Declutter That Closet

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It’s another catch-up Saturday and today we finish “operation declutter that closet”! I hope you had fun cleaning up your closets and at the same time feel relieved for minimizing your clutter.
It’s easy to accumulate much more than we need.
On more than one occasion someone has mentioned that their closet is the biggest clutter spot in their home. They gradually get new clothes but don’t consciously streamline.
That’s what this week has been all about – consciously streamlining the clothes in our closet.
If you need a bit more time to clean out your closet, you’re in luck. Today is a catch-up day!
Here’s a recap of what we’ve covered:

• Declutter your accessories – By now, I’m hoping that your drawer for accessories is already trimmed down. In this post, I have helped you decide which accessories are for keeps and for disposal.
• Declutter your socks – So having less trouble with everybody’s socks today? If that’s the case, hooray! Hopefully, those old socks that have served their purpose have gone to their proper places.
• Declutter shirts and tops – In this post, we have tackled our shirts & tops. I pray that a handful of ideas helped you sort out all your tops.
• Declutter pants, skirt and shorts, – Of course, after your shirts & tops, we move to your bottoms.
• Declutter your bathroom – By now, you should be smiling every time you see the bathroom and be proud of yourself that you were able to do it all in a week.

Your assignment for today:
• Continue working on Habit #3.
• Catch up from the week.
• Keep up the good work on your Rainbow calendar.