Deep Clean the Freezer

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Just like the refrigerator, we cleaned yesterday, the freezer can get ridiculously dirty. Gunk somehow makes its way onto the shelves of the drawers. It’s a mystery!
Since I don’t open the freezer as much as the refrigerator, I don’t notice the grime as often.
However, I needed to put “deep clean the freezer” on my cleaning schedule every quarter. It usually happens the same day or the day after I clean the refrigerator. If it’s been quite some time since you cleaned your freezer, take a few minutes today to go through the following steps.
• All-purpose Cleaner
• Cleaning cloths
• Nylon pan scraper
• Deep clean brush set
You are doing something today that the “future you” is going to be thankful for! Decide on your allotted time for this task and be intentional in moving through it.
Dump the ice:
Periodically, I like to clean out the ice container. Liquids spill, making a mess. People sometimes grab ice with dirty hands, so it just makes me feel better to occasionally clean the ice container. Plus, dumping the ice in the sink and placing your frozen food in it helps to keep it cold while cleaning out the freezer. Bonus!!!
To clean the ice container, dump the old ice out and wash it in the sink or wipe it down with an all-purpose cleaner.
By the way, if your ice has an odor or bad taste, it could be caused by food odor, bad water supply, or even an old water filter. One way to tell if it’s caused by food or water is to dump the ice and clean out the freezer. If the bad taste comes back, you should probably order a new water filter.
Scrub away:
Clean the shelves and freezer walls just like you did with the refrigerator. You just need a good cloth or sponge, an all-purpose cleaner, and a handy dandy scraper for tough-to-remove gunk. If there are hard-to-reach crevices that need cleaning, you may want to try a mini scrub brush.
My best tip for this is to work fast so your food doesn’t thaw!
Re(Stock) the freezer:
It’s time to put everything back!
Take note of the food you have as you’re placing everything back in the freezer. I usually just make mental notes but I’m sure a truly organized person would write down the exact food, how much they have, and what shelf it’s on!
How you choose to “take note” is good only if it works for YOU.
When you know what you have, incorporating the items into your meal plan becomes a breeze!
Do your best to categorize the food you’re placing back in the freezer: veggies on one shelf, meat on another, etc. If you stock up on meat or other items at sale prices, move the older cuts and packages to the front so that you use them first.

Your assignment for today:
• Set your timer. Then deep clean the freezer and organize its contents.
• Continue working on Habit #2.
• Keep working on your Rainbow calendar.