Deep Clean Microwave Tip to Clean Your Microwave FAST

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Cleaning the microwave filters and range hood yesterday probably took longer than usual. So, how about a quick task today?
The INSIDE of your microwave!
If you wipe out your microwave every time you use it, then it may not be very spattered and dirty. But every once in a while, it’s a good idea to really scrub your microwave. You know, deep clean microwave edges, corners, walls, and every nook and cranny. It takes very little effort and will make a big impact in the cleanliness of your kitchen.
• Microwave safe cup or bowl
• Lemon juice or vinegar (optional)
• Cleaning Cloth
• Deep Clean Brush Set
• Nylon pan scraper (optional)
Let’s do what we need to do – in the most efficient way possible – so we can more on to what we want to do!
Set a timer and get to work!

To clean your microwave easily:
• Fill a microwave-safe cup or bowl with water and microwave on high until the water boils (4-5 minutes). If you’d like to use a bit of natural disinfectant, use half vinegar in place of the water. You can also add a squirt of lemon juice for a fresh scent.
• After the water boils, keep the microwave door closed for a few minutes so the steam can soften the gunk.
• Using a damp cleaning cloth, use some of the warm water from the bowl to clean the microwave. For extra tough spots, a nylon pan scraper and deep clean brush set work wonders!
• Wash the glass tray/turn-table in the sink, or just stick it in the dishwasher to let it do the work for you!
If you ever need to spot clean your microwave but don’t have time to go through the entire cleaning process, just wash the glass tray in the dishwasher. It won’t be perfect, but sometimes you just have time for “good enough.”

Your assignment for today:
• Set your timer. Then deep clean microwave edges, corners, and walls.
• Continue working on Habit #2.
• Keep working on your Rainbow calendar