Decluttering Your Digital Photos, Getting Rid of It!

Over the past few months, we’ve spent a couple of days working on photo organization.

We’re going to do the same this month. And next month. And the next.

Until it becomes a Habit.

If you need to officially add it to your cleaning schedule, by all means, go for it! Of course, I’ll remind you as well.

Digital photos can be a major source of clutter

Our task for today is to declutter our digital photos:

  1. Connect your phone and camera to your computer and dump ALL of your photos into your photo software program.
  2. Then delete every photo on your phone and camera.
  3. Then….delete any photo that isn’t AMAZING. 

As a reminder, here’s the least painful way to start deleting photos (in my opinion):

  1. Delete duplicate photos.
  2. Compare photos from each event; delete those that don’t convey something special about the event.
  3. Step back and look at the photos from an outsider’s perspective. Are there any photos that would be Boring with a capital B to look at?
  4. Keep deleting photos until you’re left with only 2 or 3 of the most captivating photos that tell the story of the event. Of course, there may be a few events that you want to keep a few more (i.e. a wedding) but those are the exception rather than the rule.

I know photo deletion is difficult at first. But it gets easier over time. Mostly because it’s easier – and more fun – to look back at those photos when there are fewer to sift through.

Your assignment for today:

  • Continue working on Habit #3.
  • Get your digital photos in order!
  • Keep working on your Rainbow calendar.