Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet

Whether you use traditional meds or essential oils take a few minutes to organize your medicine cabinet, basket, bucket…wherever your first aid and medicines are stored.

  • Clear the decks and gather all of your medicine and supplies to put in one central location.
  • Ensure the central location is in a safe place (i.e. the correct temperature and out of reach for children).
  • Check for expired medicines. If they are past their prime…toss.
  • Make a list of items that you need to replace.

That’s it! Hopefully our task today will take 5 minutes tops. Quick and easy!


Here are a few more things to remember when organizing your medicine cabinet:

  • Maximize space by adjusting shelf levels to create enough room for the tall items (i.e. shaving cream, hair products, toothbrushes).
  • Learn how to prioritize. Reload for the way you live and know what’s important to you. Why is that hydrogen peroxide front and center? Use prime real estate for essentials (makeup remover, contact-lens solution) and move occasionally up to the top.
  • Keep tweezers, safety pins, bobby pins, and nail tools in line with magnets and a stick-on metal strip. It may take minutes to set up because of these tiny details, but trust me, it will save you hours of hunting later on.

Your assignment for today:

  • Continue working on Habit #3.
  • Declutter your medicine cabinet.
  • Keep working on your Rainbow calendar.

posted on Thursday, March 26, 2021 at 8:52 AM