Declutter Your Coat Closet

It’s still cold where I live, but I can almost feel Spring in the air. That means no more bulky coats!!

Even though there are only two people in my family, our coat closet is full. That means we each have way too many coats! Plus it’s obvious we all only wear one or two of our favorites. So I think it’s time to get rid of a few jackets.

Our coat closet also has gloves and hats, too. But it’s also storing a few extra items. Why? I’m not sure really. Probably because we put quickly hid them and now we just ignore them!


It’s time to move out the items that don’t belong and donate the coats we don’t wear. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: you’ll be able to streamline your coat closet, at the same time giving it to those in need. A win-win situation!

Your assignment for today:

  • Continue working on Habit #3.
  • Declutter your coat closet. If you don’t have a coat closet proper, just take an inventory of your coats, scarves, and gloves; then declutter where necessary.
  • Keep working on your Rainbow calendar.

posted on Tuesday, March 24, 2021 at 8:57 AM

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