Declutter Kitchen Gadgets

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For the past few days, you’ve taken a good hard look at most of the items in your
kitchen. You’ve cleaned them, evaluated how valuable that appliance is to you, and
eliminated at least one (hopefully!). Today, we are going to declutter kitchen gadgets
and keep working to organize the kitchen.
It’s time to really focus on all those kitchen gadgets and eliminate a few more items from
our kitchen.
 Decluttering Toolkit
Decide on YOUR allotted time for this focused task. Set your timer.
Do you have gadgets in your kitchen that are supposed to make cooking easier or more
 Choppers.
 Skewers.
 Cutters.
 Scoopers.
 Holders.
If you have these items but never use them, they are just taking up space. VALUABLE
space. That’s exactly why you should declutter your kitchen gadgets on occasion.
Take a look through your drawers and cabinets today, and look for one gadget – just
one – that you haven’t used in a year.
You don’t even remember where you purchased that battery-operated, twirling spaghetti
fork, do you? Much less when or if you ever tried to use it! Great job moving it OUT of
the gadget collection today. You won’t regret it!!! Tomorrow we talk knives, boards, and
all things “cutting.”

Your assignment for today:
 Set your timer. Then clean out & declutter kitchen gadgets!
 Continue working on our Habit #2
 Consider adding this to your Rainbow calendar