Declutter Kitchen Drawers

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It doesn’t matter if you have five or fifteen drawers in your kitchen. Over time, they start
to serve as a collection agent for everything: bottle openers, batteries, butter knives, and
broken Barbie dolls. Not to mention the dreaded “junk drawer,” which now holds 391
pencils and NONE of them are sharp enough to actually write your grocery list!
Today, we are taking charge of these spaces and making them work for us like they
were made to do. We are finally going to declutter kitchen drawers.
 Decluttering Toolkit
 All-purpose Cleaner
 Microfiber cloth
 Rainbow with crevice attachment
Set a Timer
I can’t emphasize enough the need to set a specific amount of time to work. Why?
Because you WILL fill whatever amount of time you allow for a task.
Determine how much time you have to work today, set your timer, and get busy! OWN
the time and the task!!!
Here are a few tips to organize your drawers quickly:
1. Keep your decluttering toolkit and trash can close by.
As you review the contents of each drawer, throw away anything that should be
trashed. Keep the trash can within arm’s reach so you can work faster.
Be on the lookout for items you never or rarely use. Put items you rarely use in a
small box so you can later determine a better location.
Place items you never use in a donation box.
Remember: the best way to have a clean and organized kitchen is to have a
spacious kitchen. Be honest with yourself about the frequency in which you use
each item. Do you have a melon baller and flour sifter because you’re “supposed”
to have those items? Or do you actually use them in your culinary efforts? If you’ve
never used them thus far, there’s a 99.9% chance you never will! Go ahead –
donate those items!
2. Start with the easy drawers.
Is your silverware drawer semi-organized? Straighten it first so you can feel a sense
of accomplishment early. Then move on to the more difficult drawers.
3. Remove contents from cluttered drawers.
As you move on to more cluttered drawers, take everything out and place items on
the counter. This will help deter you from putting anything back that doesn’t belong.
It will also help you group and categorize items neatly in the drawer.
If you already have drawer organizers, use them! If you don’t, take note of
organizers you may want to purchase in the future.
4. Rainbow and wipe the drawers out as you organize.
I don’t know how crumbs so easily find their way into drawers. But the easiest way
I’ve found to get them out is to use your Rainbow, incredibly sanitary. Now you
have a crumb-free area to wipe down with a cleaning cloth and all-purpose cleaner.
Were you flabbergasted at the number of random items you uncovered today? That
long-lost set of corn holders you never even removed from the packaging? That favorite
paring knife you thought was gone forever but now you can readily access it again
because you decluttered the drawers?
Give yourself a pat on the back!

Your assignment for today:
 Set your timer. Then clean out & declutter kitchen drawers!
 Continue working on Habit #2.
 Consider this for your Rainbow calendar