Declutter Cookbooks

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Since we’ve decluttered bookshelves yesterday, We could move to an area we may have missed while reviewing our books. It is the cookbook section of our house!
We still have a few cookbooks hanging around. Some were given to us as gifts, others were hand-me-downs. We have even bought a few or printed a few on-line.
Most recipes, for now, are online.
Now that’s not to say I’ve never looked through my cookbooks to make a recipe. But it’s rare for sure.
I finally came to grips with the fact that I barely use cookbooks and they’re just taking up space. I put all but 2 in the yardsale pile and moved them to a hidden cabinet in my kitchen.
The best part is we now have an entire empty shelf! Don’t forget to Rainbow and use your dusting tool on your shelves.
Again, declutter cookbooks. Take a look through your cookbooks today and see if there are any you can pass on.

Your assignment for today:
• Continue working on Habit #3.
• Sell, donate, or give away at least one cookbook.
• Keep working on your Rainbow calendar.