Declutter – Catch-up

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It’s time for another catch-up Saturday! I hope you’re all feeling accomplished and happy with your progress.
Decluttering takes a lot of work! So just in case, you need a bit more time to streamline, here’s what we’ve covered this week:
• Declutter books – In this post, I have discussed effective ways to streamline your book collection – suggestions on what to do with them – sell, trade, or donate. I’m hoping by now, your bookshelves are well-organized.
• Declutter cookbooks – On this day, we have tackled cookbooks. This post should help you decide really, how many is too many? Other possible options, like switching to online recipes, to minimize hard copies lying around the house.
• Declutter magazines – After books and cookbooks, now it’s time to take on the magazines. In this post, I have suggested a few options to save those sweet spaces around the house. Hopefully, by this time, you’ve already trashed, recycled, and/or donated those past issues you have been keeping for quite a long time.
• Declutter junk drawer – After digging into the books section, in this post, we have dug into your junk drawer/s. I’m wishing you have followed the step-by-step guide I have listed and now you have an organized junk drawer.
• Declutter decor – For the last post of the week, we have gone through decors around the house. I have helped you ponder and decide if decor is worth keeping or not.

Your assignment for today:
• Continue working on Habit #3.
• Catch up on your mission to declutter.
• Kudos for working on your Rainbow calendar!