Declutter Bottoms

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We’re taking baby steps to declutter our closet this week. Yesterday we focused on our shirts. Today we’re going to focus on pants, skirts, and shorts. So are you ready to declutter bottoms today?
Ask yourself the following questions as you streamline:

• Do I have more than one? Do I really need 5 jeans?
• Does it fit properly? Are they too small? Too big? Too long? Too short?
• Do I have anything to wear with it? If not, how long have I had it? Will I really ever buy a complimentary piece?
• Do I even like it? Do I like it enough to wear it often?
• Do I feel GREAT in it? Or is it just so-so?
Having an open mindset and truly evaluating the clothes in our closet is tough. But it’s completely worth it once you have an appropriate amount of clothes in your closet that looks great on you!

So have you decided which are to keep and not to keep? I hope you did.
When you do, here are a few more points that you can consider for a hassle-free bottom closet. There are 2 tested ways to organize your bottoms. First, all casual bottoms like corduroys, denim, skinnies, and the likes can be all folded and placed into cubbies. This way you can clearly see the colors and easily access them. Second, your work pants can be hung using clip hangers, that way you are not scrambling for iron in the morning

Your assignment for today:
• Continue working on Habit #3.
• Streamline your pants, skirts, shorts.
• Keep working on your Rainbow calendar.