Declutter and Organize Under Sink

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It’s not a black-hole, but it’s so awkwardly configured. There are pipes and hoses, and for some homes, a big stinky trash can…

In most homes, the cabinet area under the kitchen sink is reserved for storage. Perhaps because of its proximity to the dishwasher and the trash, we stash the dishwashing detergent and our trash bags in that area. Or maybe we toss everything from cleaning supplies to plastic wrap under the sink just because our moms did.

Whatever the reason, today we will take a few minutes to organize, clean, and “repurpose” this valuable space. Let’s declutter and organize under the sink.

• All-purpose cleaner
• Microfiber cloth
• Rainbow Cleaner with Dusting and Crevice attachments
• Storage containers (optional)

Bruce Lee once said, “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” Determine how much time you want to work on this project and press “START!”

1. First step (which you can probably guess by now):
Remove everything from the cabinet and Rainbow the insides with the dusting and crevice attachments.
2. Wipe out the cabinet and clean it:
While you have it free and clear of these items, wipe down the walls and the floor of the cabinet with an all-purpose cleaner and cleaning cloth.
If this cabinet is home to your trashcan, hopefully, you cleaned it back on day 11. But if you find it specially “grubby” from last night’s tomato sauce, give it a hardy scrub!

3. Group items by category:
If you store items under the sink, group items by category – cleaning products, cleaning supplies, plastic wrap/aluminum foil, miscellaneous items. Determine if there is a better location for some of these items. For example, many professionals recommend that cleaning products should be stored in an area above the reach of children. Consider changes you might make as you look through categories of items you store in the cabinet under the sink.

4. Combine and reduce:
Next, see if you can combine items and thus reduce clutter: Do you have multiple bottles of glass cleaner that could be combined into one? Are you storing three opened packages of kitchen sponges? Combine them into one. Do you have anything under the sink that you haven’t used in ages? If so, decide if you really need it or if you can get rid of it.

5. Organize:
Continue to maximize your efforts and space. Determine if one or more organizational systems would help organize the cabinet:
• Tension curtain rods can be placed inside the cabinet to hang spray bottles.
• Baskets or plastic zipped baggies can corral groups of sponges, dishrags, or other supplies.
• Door organizers are perfect for organizing wraps and foils.
• Under the sink organizers are perfect for oddly shaped cabinets.
• Finally, place everything back in an organized fashion and enjoy your newly organized cabinet!

Your assignment for today:
• Set your timer. Then declutter and organize under sink contents.
• Continue working on Habit #2.
• Consider putting this on your Rainbow calendar.