Declutter and Organize the Kitchen Pantry

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You’ve decluttered and organized the cabinets and drawers. And, for the most part,
these areas are identical week after week. You don’t add new appliances or new
bakeware, silverware, etc. to your kitchen on a weekly basis.
However, the pantry changes almost daily. Food is consumed. Boxes are emptied.
Grocery shopping is done. Shelves are restocked, reconfigured, and … “where did my
new bag of brown rice go?”
Let’s take some time today to declutter and organize the kitchen pantry.
 Decluttering Toolkit
 Microfiber cloth
 All-purpose cleaner
 Organizing containers (optional)
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Today’s goal: Organize the kitchen pantry. Set a timer and knock it out!
Remove everything from the pantry.
The first step in organizing your pantry is removing every item. This is will benefit you
greatly! When you actually touch each item, you’ll find out if the box is empty or expired.
It will also encourage you to finish the project quickly so you can use your kitchen again!
Scrub down the pantry.
Pantries are notorious for getting extremely dirty, so this is a great time to wipe down
the walls, shelves, and even the floor. Don’t be tempted to skip this step. Just
remember, it could be another 3 years before you are motivated enough to tackle the
pantry again! Take advantage of the empty space and scrub it down!
Determine the “value” of each item. Which items you use often and which items
are just taking up space.
As you restock the pantry, each item deserves three questions:
 Do we use this item often?
 Do we use this item on rare occasions?
 Is this item taking up valuable space?
For items that you don’t use, get rid of them. It may be tough at first, but I promise you’ll
be glad in the end! Move items that are used infrequently to the highest shelf. Keep
food and supplies that are used daily at arm’s length.
Group similar items.
To find supplies and ingredients quickly, keep cans together, coffee supplies together,
spices together…you get the idea. You’ll always know where to return an item after
using it. And so will your family!
Use wall and floor space.
My favorite tip for small pantries is to use wall space. You can use hooks and
organizers to store spices, foil, plastic wrap, aprons, etc. without using precious shelf
space. If you find that using your wall space would be helpful in organizing your pantry,
make a trip out or order a few ASAP!
Baskets and buckets and bins ~ line the floor of your pantry with them if you need more
storage ideas. Space is a valuable commodity and we can be creative and use it to its
highest potential!

Your assignment for today:
 Set your timer. Then declutter and organize the kitchen pantry!
 Continue working on Habit #2.
 Consider adding this to your Rainbow calendar