Declutter and Clean Small Appliances

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Your task for today is to clean your small appliances: Mixer, rice steamer, blender,
toaster, slow-cooker, toaster oven, and any other small appliance that may be taking up
residence in your kitchen.
Consider today’s task similar to detailing a vehicle. Detailing a car isn’t necessary. You
could just straighten up the inside and rinse off your vehicle every couple of months.
Your car would still run and get you where you needed to go.
However, when you get your car detailed inside and out, you start to see it for what it
once was. The car you considered utilitarian suddenly becomes something you might
see on a showroom floor. You begin to enjoy your vehicle again! Investing a little time in
your vehicle’s appearance could save you thousands of dollars when it quenches your
desire to buy a new car!
The same is true for your kitchen appliances…
• Decluttering Toolkit
• Cleaning cloth
• Deep Clean Brush Set
• Toothpick
An old Chinese Proverb once said,
“If you lose an hour in the morning, you have to hunt for it the rest of the day.”
Don’t lose it today – USE IT! Set your allotted time and let’s knock this out!
To save time, gather all of your small appliances and put them on your kitchen counter.
You’ll be glad you didn’t ignore this step when your hands are soaking wet.
Then collect cleaning supplies, a small scrub brush, and a toothpick.
Finally, start scrubbing. Pay attention to every single part of the appliance. If a piece can
be removed, take it apart. Clean what you usually ignore. Use a toothpick to pick gunk
out of the crevices.
It may seem tedious. Well, it actually IS tedious. However, spending a few minutes
meticulously cleaning your small appliances will keep them looking new. That means
you won’t be tempted to buy another small appliance which in turn will help you stay
If you don’t have time to deep clean them all, focus on the one or two you use most
often. If you have some extra time, then, by all means, clean them all!
When you haul all of these small appliances out and onto your countertops, it’s clear to
see how many you’ve accumulated over time. Evaluate and determine which ones
you actually use (or don’t use!). You know, a toaster oven? Chopper? Bread maker?
Blender? Your back-up mixer?
Based on my experience and multiple conversations, most of us have a small appliance
in our kitchen that we never-ever-ever use. We tell ourselves that we need to save it for
someday. Or keep it for an emergency. Or keep it because we’re planning to become a
world-class baker one day.
But does that day truly ever come?
I don’t know the answer to that question. But you do.
I want to challenge you today to take a good hard look at the small appliances in your
kitchen and try to declutter one thing. You can do it!

Your assignment for today:
 Set your timer. Then declutter and clean small appliances.
 Continue working on Habit #2
 Consider adding this to your Rainbow calendar