Clean and Organize Bedroom Nightstands

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The fact that you created your own goal and made a public commitment should help you succeed. Keep up the good work!

As for the next task, we’re going to continue “Rainbow cleaning” the bedroom. Today we’re going to tackle our bedroom nightstand(s).

Cleaning the bedroom nightstand:

• Take everything off the nightstand and out of the drawer(s).

• Rainbow the debris and dust

• Wipe it down, inside and out.

• Replace only what belongs in the nightstand (and in an orderly fashion).

• Take everything else to the appropriate location.

This sounds easy when it’s written out so succinctly, but if you’ve been accumulating stuff around your bed for years, organizing the nightstand could take a while. If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, set your timer for 5-15 minutes and work as fast as you can. Even a few minutes of work can make a big improvement!

If your nightstand is already streamlined and functional, then feel free to work on a previous assignment, make up your own, or take the day off!

I’m guessing, however, that most of you fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes so you should have a perfectly functional nightstand after a few minutes of work.

Your assignment for today:

• Continue working on Habit #1.

• Clean and organize your bedroom nightstand(s).