Catch Up and Declutter

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We’ve had a productive month so far deep cleaning the living room and most parts of the kitchen. Well, how about we take a break from cleaning today and focus on something to simplify our lives. Every month this year we’re going to take a day to focus on one area to declutter.
Today that area is chotskies and decorations.
I want to challenge you to get rid of ONE – just one – knickknack.
Find something in your home that you don’t love, don’t find useful, isn’t sentimental, and don’t really need.

Find something that-is-just-taking-up-space.
Then get rid of it!
You can give it away. Put it in the yard sale pile. Sell it.
Just don’t allow it to take up space in your home anymore.
Can you handle it? You just might find yourself getting rid of two things

Your assignment for today:
• Continue working on Habit #2.
• Get rid of some clutter. Declutter!
• Keep working on your Rainbow calendar.