Be Green as you Clean

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If you’re concerned about climate change, resource depletion, and recycling, consider these environmentally-friendly tips for cleaning your home.

Reuse instead of throwing away

Whenever you consider throwing something away, make it a practice to try and find another use for it. Instead of using paper towels, try rags that can easily be laundered and used again. Instead of throwaway floor cleaning pads, consider using equipment that makes use of water and pads.

Since steaming tools use hot water to help with the cleaning process, they tend to damage floor surfaces that may be sensitive to increased temperatures. Also, weigh whether the use of recycled products like your Rainbow Supermop may be more environmentally friendly because this resource could be used since the pads can be laundered.

Make your own brew

Rather than purchasing products with hazardous ingredients, try making natural cleaning solutions.

• Use a lemon juice and water mix to clean glass and mirrors. An old tee shirt is torn to make rags that can work well to clean those messy glass table tops without leaving streaks.

• Mix lemon juice and olive oil to make great smelling furniture polish. • Make a paste of salt, vinegar, and flour to polish metal surfaces.

• Throwing a handful of salt into a wood-burning fireplace can help loosen up the soot buildup.

• Use vinegar and water on bare floors to leave them fresh.

• Use vinegar and baking soda to clean out clogged pipes and drains or to deodorize your kitchen sink.

• Use lemon juice and hot water to remove foul smells from your garbage disposal.