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How to Declutter the Bathroom

To get started, I want you to focus on one specific task: Streamlining your stuff!

Less stuff (that we don’t use) makes life so much easier! So, be prepared… we’ll be streamlining and eliminating unnecessary items from every room we work on this year.

For now, let’s streamline and declutter the bathroom.

How to Declutter Bathroom Drawers & Cabinets:


• Decluttering toolkit (Roz’s Reasons on the website)

SET A TIMER Just like when we clean, I want you to set your timer for 5-15 minutes. If you lean more towards being a minimalist, stick to 5 minutes. If you are one who thinks everything should be saved because “you might need it one day,” then work for 15 minutes.


You may not be the greatest at decluttering. It’s okay, most people aren’t. But if you stick with me long enough, you will become an expert in simplifying your possessions.

This is the first thing to remember when decluttering:

“Any item that doesn’t add value to your life is clutter.”

Now is when the real magic starts to happen. When you streamline the number of possessions in your bathroom so it contains only what you use on a regular basis, it will be easier to get ready every morning. It will also be easier to keep the bathroom clean and organized. Win-win!

To quickly and efficiently declutter your bathroom, open one drawer or cabinet at a time. Then pick up one item and ask yourself the following questions:

• “Does this item belong in the bathroom?”

• “Do I use this item daily or weekly?”

• “Is there something else I can use instead?”

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, then choose which box from your decluttering toolbox the item belongs in. (Print and Laminate labels, attach to fold-able boxes in Printable section)

Decide quickly so you can move on to the next item.

Most importantly, be honest with yourself!

If you have 10 bottles of nail polish but only use 2 colors, it’s okay to get rid of the other 8 bottles. Half-empty bottles or samples of beauty care products you never use take up valuable space needed for items you use daily. You may have 12 bath towels but only use 6. If this is true for you, donate the extra towels.

Remember to use the “maybe” box if you have a hard time letting go of a few items. You can always put them back in the cabinet. But after you see your clean and organized bathroom, it’s likely you will realize it’s not worthwhile to return these items to your clutter-free bathroom.

The purpose of this exercise isn’t to be wasteful. The purpose is to give you the clean, organized, and simplified bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Your assignment for today:

• Set your timer. Then clean out & organize your bathroom drawers and cabinets!

• Continue working on Habit #1

• Does your bathroom need even more work?