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Clean Kitchen Backsplash, Walls and Touch Up the Paint

The walls are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. We are so accustomed to seeing imperfections on our own walls that eventually, we don’t see them at all.

Take a few minutes to wipe down your kitchen walls. Work to clean the kitchen backsplash and walls ~ paying special attention to the wall area between the bottom of your wall cabinets and countertops, behind your stovetop, and behind the kitchen sink. These areas are most prone to attracting grease, food stains, and water spots.
• All-purpose Cleaner
• Microfiber cloth
• Nylon pan scraper
• Paint and paint supplies


You can do this quickly – set boundaries on your time usage. Use your timer.


Clean Backsplash/Tile:

Beginning in one corner of the backsplash, spray a small amount of all-purpose cleaner on the tile and wipe it down with a cleaning cloth. As you make your way across the backsplash, you’ll probably run across a few areas that have been splattered with food. You can easily clean the majority of it with the scraper. However, a few areas might need some power behind it. That’s where the abrasive scouring pad comes in. Use just enough pressure to clean the tile, but not enough to damage the surface.

Clean Walls:

If your kitchen walls are painted with semi-gloss or glossy paint, repeat a similar process on your walls. More than likely, you’ll find some spots that are in need of some serious touch-up paint.

If your walls are painted with flat paint, clean them as gently as possible or the paint will wash off. If you want to skip the wiping, then just go straight to the touch-up paint. If you have sturdier paint, then the paint should be strong enough for cleaning.

Touch Up Paint:

Open your leftover paint container, stir it up well – REALLY well (don’t skip this step unless you want to see brush marks after it dries), and touch up the paint where necessary.

I have to clean and touch up the paint on our kitchen walls often. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take much effort or time. It does, however, make a big impact on the way our kitchen looks!

Your assignment for today:
• Set your timer. Then clean kitchen backsplash, walls and touch up paint if necessary.
• Continue working on our Habit #2
• Consider adding this to your Rainbow calendar.